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In 2012, in an attempt to control violence among home builders, the New Earth Government legalized no-holds-bared Sinking. WGUN, working with the NEG, established a series of leagues and spectacular public exhibitions. The sport's popularity grew with its splashing. Soon, WGUN discovered that the televised matches were their most profitable enterprise. The professional league was formed; a cabal of the most precise and skilled Sinkers in the world, selected to Sink in a Grand Tournament. Now it is 2014. 2 years have passed since founding of Sink. Profits from the Tournament number in the hundreds of billions. You have been selected to fight in the professional league by the WGUN Sink Board. Your strength and accuracy are legendary. The time has come to prove you are the best. To crush your enemies; to win the Tournament.

Watch it on Youtube [1]

About Sink is a sports-themed game about throwing items in a pool to sink other items. At the beginning of the match a coin is flipped to determine who chooses the first floating object. The other player spins the Wheel of Sinkers to determine their randomly-chosen thrown object. After each throw the players take turns. A throw that sinks the floater nets you one point, the game is played to five rounds with the highest score winning.

Controls Aim with the mouse and click things. You can do this.

Downloading Get it here!

Running the game Extract the zip wherever you wish. Inside navigate to Sink/Binaries/Win64 and run Sink43.exe

If you run into any issues, for example the engine thinks you're missing Visual C++ Redist or DirectX, try installing the included .msi file to snag any required Windows bits.

If absolutely nothing works, email me or contact me on #sagamedev

Credits Design, Programming, 3D Modelling: Enos Shenk Commentator voice cast: Enos Shenk, Phantom, Weasel Being boss as hell: #SAGameDev

Contact You can email me at: enosshenk @ Or find me on #sagamedev