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  1. Create your entry's page
  2. Make sure there are screenshots, instructions, a link to your game / web build, and contact info for prize givers to use if necessary. (just saying "PM user X" is fine)
  3. Consider making and embedding a YouTube video too. Video is good.
  4. Create a 320x200 banner button for your entry
  5. Add it to the below grid. Please do 3 banners per row, and add your banner to the end / don't fuck up the grid.

The Entry Grid


Grubsplashtoottoot.pngBob Ross Wikilogo.pngRage of Painting Thumbnail.png

JeremyBanner.gifMake your videos live!Tvtycoon 320x200.png

Facecheekwall.pngSwat freedom breach logo.pngHypnovisionbanner.jpg


YHTDE.png Theangryatheistgamer box.gif 222am logo.png

KwK Logo.png DogTime.jpg QuizzlersBanner.gif

Supsuperlikesanime.png Letsbeheros2.png Breakfast.png

PBNbanner.png Sink.jpg Turtle Derby.png

Dinosaur PI.png PANsplashWide.png SethSmallsplash.png

Assault on PA13 banner.png WizardBroadcastBanner.png Banner.png

Tubulargame.png Animetextquest2.jpg GameDevIX ATNCBanner.png

Hamstrife.png 555skeleton.png PF4 Banner.png

Cultv banner.png

People Who Haven't Made A 320x200 Banner Yet

Go ahead and create a page for your game! Link it here!

I Have a Mouth but I Need a Screen by Slifter